Erdös number

I believe that my Erdös number is five:

Paul Erdös 0
Horst Sachs 1 listed on as having Erdös number 1
Patrick Fowler 2 listed on as having Erdös number 2
David Manalopoulos 3 e.g. Fowler, P. F. and Manalopoulos, D. E.,"Magic numbers and stable structures for fullerenes, fullerides and fullerenium ions" Nature 355 428-430 (1992)
Mark Child 4 e.g. "D.E. Manolopoulos and M.S. Child, ‘Cyclic Phases at an n-fold Degeneracy", Phy.Rev.Letts. 82, 2223-7 (1999).
Tom Weston 5 Weston, T and Child, M. S. "Spectral Consequences of Periodic Orbit Bifurcations of AB2 Stretching Vibrational Modes" Chem. Phys. Lett.

Thanks to Colin Batchelor for assistance in following the citation path.